StoryLine Cartoon Personalization Options

StoryLine cartoons are our third and most recent character line, designed to fill the gap between the Friendly Folks and Name That Toon cartoon lines.  They are humanistic, yet a bit smiley too, all portrayed in bold, modernized backgrounds.

We can change the hair color (not the style) on and add glasses or sunglasses to the characters. However,  what sets this character line apart from the others is that the females have long hair, we can intermix skin tones and have some flexibility with regard to changing the characters clothing.

Since this is a brand new line, launching in December 2021, we still have features in development, so this caricature line will likely see more options come available.

StoryLine Cartoon Character Gifts

Customizable Cartoons

Skin Tone Options

StoryLine skin tone options


StoryLine cartoon characters are available in either light skin tone or dark skin tone.  Skin tones can be mixed on the same scene.

Hair Color Options

StoryLine Hair Color Options



StoryLine caricatures can have a hair color added!  The style of the hair, (cut, length, curls) cannot be changed.

Hair color options include black, brown, blonde, red and grey. This cartoon line does not have a bald option.

StoryLine Sample Skin Tone & Hair Colors

Glasses & Sunglasses Options

StoryLine Character Glasses and Sunglasses


All StoryLine cartoon characters can have clear eye glasses or sun glasses added!

StoryLine Character Eye Glasses

Extra Characters

StoryLine Extra Characters

One of the best features about our StoryLine Cartoon line is the ability to add, remove and edit the characters!

We do have some limitations, but this caricature line allows for characters to be moved from one scene to another, along with minor color changes on the character’s clothing. For example, if you want to make a gift for a police officer that came to the school for career day, we can add the police officer into the classroom scene. Or, if you want to make a trophy or gift for the cheerleading squad, we can alter the colors on her uniform. This flexibility is like none other before.

Skin tones can be mixed within the StoryLine caricature line.

Please make change requests in the field labeled “notes for the designer”, but assume that the scene and characters you select will be exactly as depicted in the pictures on our website. If we are able to alter colors, or add/remove elements from the scene that are requested we absolutely will do so. But, we ask that you assume we won’t, so there isn’t any disappointment. It is hard to put into words the way office morale drops when we disappoint a customer; fortunately this does not happen often.

We have gobs of dogs and cats that we can add too!

Provided that there is a place in the cartoon scene, (some scenes, such as the surfer, do not have any solid ground to place an animal), we can add domestic pets to your cartoon scene!

Our selection includes an array of dogs and cats that can be added to make your caricature complete!

When adding a pet please provide the corresponding clip art number(s) of the pets, or provide a description of the animal for us to match up to our available clip art.

Pets that can be added to your caricature

Character Clothing

StoryLine Color Change Options


Yes!  We can make minor color alterations on our StoryLine character scenes!

Our StoryLine cartoons offer minor flexibility for hiding objects and changing colors. This will be especially helpful if you are trying to match a school or organization colors. As you can see on the left, we can make some color changes. Please note that we cannot alter all elements of the scene, but we will do our best based on your requests.

Custom Text & Logos

By default we start customizing your cartoon caricature with no text. Customize with your own name and text

Aside from adding a hair style or glasses, the bulk of personalization for the StoryLine character line is TEXT.  We start with a picture devoid of text. There is literally no text on the picture when we begin personalizing your character.

We typically put your name, the year or some witty text in the center box (the middle box located in the center of most pictures). From this point, each scene varies. Many pictures have background elements, such as a bulletin board, chalkboard, golf cart or wall that we frequently add text to.

We try to include a blank picture with red boxes denoting the most common areas of personalization, but you are not limited to personalizing those areas.

We can place text anywhere on the scene.

We can also use nearly any font and font color, if you have a preference.

We have the capability of adding logos to our StoryLine Cartoons as well.

We strongly recommend using a simple logo with a transparent background and very little text. If a logo has too much text it may be hard to read when it is sized down to fit on an office door or bulletin board, and if it has a background color (without a border) it may look as if it is floating.

If you would like to add your logo to a scene that you have ordered, please use our Logo Upload Page to send it to us.