Available Pets

Our Friendly Folks, Name That Toon and StoryLine caricature gifts revolve around people and what they love. Obviously they would not be complete without including their beloved pets. We are happy to include fur-babies!

Below is our current selection of dog and cat clip art. Please use the corresponding name or code for each that you would like to add to your scene. If you only have a description of the pet you would like to add we will use your description to match the closest clip art that we have.

Dogs & Cats Available Clip Art

Pets can be added to your caricature scene!
Add Pets
to Your Caricature

We have several dog & cat clip art…

Below we have sample images of the dog and cat clip art that we can add to your cartoon scene.

We cannot alter the clip art.

We are unable to edit or alter the animal clip art shown.  The clip art that you select to represent your pet will be exactly as shown.

You can add as multiple animals.

You can add as many animals as you’d like from our selection, or you can send us your own clip art.

Include the full file name of your animal choice.

You can add as many animals as you’d like from our selection, or you can send us your own clip art.

Common Questions about Adding Pets to Your Personalized Cartoon

Does it matter which animal art I choose?

No.  You can choose whichever artwork you prefer for your pet(s).  Each can be sized as short or as tall as you would like. If you have an unusually tall or short pet please let us know that.

How many pets can I add?

You can add as many pets as you would like.  If you add two identical animals we will try to reverse the image or stagger them in the scene so it isn’t terribly obvious that they are identical.


Can you use my own clip art?

Yes! In most cases, we can use clip art that you provide.  You can send us your clip art via our Logo Upload page.

Please keep in mind that the clip art is going into a cartoon scene, so real life photos of pets do not look right, your clip art needs to be a cartoon.

If you choose to send us your own clip art please ensure that the clipart does not have a background and it only contains the image that you want added to the scene.

Can you change the coloring of the animals?

No, we have to use the animal clip art exactly as it is shown.


Do you charge for adding pets?

No, never!  Adding a pet (or pets) is all included in the personalization that comes with your order.

Can you add glasses or sunglasses to the pet clip art?

Yes, in most cases we can add glasses or sunglasses to your pet clip art. It really just depends if the pet is facing forward or not. If the animal is portrayed from the side, or has its head turned, we cannot, but otherwise the answer to this question is a solid yes.


Can you dress the animals up?

No, we are not able to add clothes, hats, collars or other items to the pets that we add.

Can you add toys for the animals?

Yes, but the only toy clip art that we currently have is a raw hide bone. If you have a specific toy that you would like us to add you can send it to us via our Logo Upload page. Please make sure that the clip art is a cartoon, not a real life photo.

Can you add dogs and cats in the same scene?

Absolutely!  We can mix and match all of our clip arts.

Do you have other types of pets?

No.  Currently we only have dogs and cats. If you would like to include a hamster, chicken or other type of small animal we can add it if you can provide the clip art. Clip art needs to have a clean/clear background, and can be added via our Logo Upload page.

Are there scenes that pets cannot be added to?

Yes, we actually have several scenes that pets cannot (rather, should not) be added to.

In theory we can add pet clip art to any of our scenes, but should we?  For example, the boating scenes are not practical for adding pets, because there isn’t any place within the picture to put them. This means that the pet would have to be positioned on the water (not in the water, ON it), or we would have to put it on the bow of the boat. It just would not look right. If you really, really want it we will do it, but we definitely advise against it.

Why is the option to add pets hidden on some scenes?

Like mentioned in the FAQ above, some of the scenes are not conducive for adding children and pets. While entering the scenes on site we tried to omit that field for those scenes. Surely we missed some, and likewise we may have omitted that field on some that had places for them. If you come across a scene that does not have a specific box to enter pet information, but there is indeed a place for a pet, please enter the information in the “notes for designer” field.

Will adding pets to the scene cause a delay in my order?

No.  So long as we have the needed information, adding pets to your scene will not cause any delays.

How do I enter the information to add pet art to my scene?

When you select to add pet art a text box will appear – include the information here. Please specify the name of the pet, making sure to include any numbers after the name.

All of the information that you enter is read by our designer and viewed as instruction, so please feel free to make whatever notes you would like here.

Now I am confused! How can I get help?

Fear not!  We do this everyday, and we’ve got it covered!

You can call the designer directly or email us via our ticketed help desk. If you place a help ticket after you place your order you will be able to connect your order to your help ticket.

For peace of mind….  Please remember that you can make whatever notes you deem helpful in the text box where you enter the information for the child art that you want added. If our designer has questions we will reach out to you, and you can always request a proof.

Available Dog Clip Art