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May 2023 bring you good health and happiness!

We are currently adding our remaining product line to our website.

To show our appreciation for your patience, we would like to offer
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We have a lot of new and exciting things that will be coming to our website in 2022,
and we look forward to serving all of your gifting needs!

If you have any questions or need any help, as you know, you can always call us!  281 781-5661.

  • The Mahogany Jewelry Box & Acrylic Bank are discontinued. When stock is gone, they will be gone forever. 🙁
  • We are currently low on our 6″ x 4″ Snow Frames and may not have additional stock until late Spring.
  • We are still working to get our Name That Toon & Story Line character lines on our new site, along with some of our newer product lines. These are all currently available, you just may need to call or email us to place an order for those items. Our apologies for any inconvenience. 

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We offer nearly 2,000 cartoons that are ready to personalize to make that perfect, unique gift for everyone – even that “hard to buy for person”.

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We will replace or fix any issues that you encounter with your order, whether that is a typo, a change in mind or damage from shipping.

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Key Chains, Framed Prints, Prints
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It is True!

People Love Personalized Gifts!

It is true, people love personalized gifts! People like gifts in general, but personalized gifts trigger endorphins in the brain that help create a stronger bond between the giver and receiver than non-personalized gifts. A personalized gift shows that you put thought into the gift, you sought out something special just for them.

Personalized gifts are not just for Christmas and birthdays, but they are also an effective promotional item for real estate agents, salespersons and businesses that hold retail accounts.

Make Them
Feel Special

Even for that “Hard to Buy for” Person!

Gift giving is a rather intricate part of human relations and interaction. It can aide in defining relationships, while simultaneously creating and/or strengthening bonds. Gift giving represents many facets of our interaction with one another. It may be a simple “thank you” to show gratitude, it may be a loving gesture to nourish, reinforce and bolster the bond we already have with another person, or perhaps it is just material evidence of an interest we have for a special person. It may also commemorate a special date.

One thing is for sure, no matter the reason, giving someone a gift definitely shows them that they are special and you are thinking of them.

Spreading Joy
One Snow Globe & Christmas Ornament at a time

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