We ask that you allow us up to 3 days in-house to get your order shipped. This is worst case scenario.  Generally orders ship the same or next day, depending on the time of day that the order comes in.

If your order is time sensitive please make a note of this on the order, and we will do all that we can to accommodate.

We are located in Middle TN, and for most of the domestic USA, shipping takes three days or less.

Most of our products are light enough to ship First Class, which means that upgrading to Priority Mail isn’t going to achieve a lot most of the time. During heavy shopping times, like Christmas, Priority Mail is better if time is short. Please note that even though Priority Mail is heavily promoted as three days or less, Priority Mail is not guaranteed like it’s much more expensive counterpart, Express Mail.

We also ship via UPS and Fedex.

If your order is time sensitive please make a note on your order. We will do what we can to ensure that it ships as quickly as possible.

Over the years we have been very blessed with our business and shipping. Our current ‘damage in transit’ average is less than 1%. Sadly, this does not mean that it doesn’t happen, it just means it doesn’t happen often.

If your order is damaged in transit, please let us know as soon as possible. Since many of our shipments have a carrier guarantee or insurance, it is helpful if you provide a picture of the damaged item. You can do this through our ticketed support desk.

Once we have your damage claim in writing, we send it with your pictures to the carrier and file the appropriate carrier claims, if any. In the meantime we will replace your damaged item.

Yes.  When you place your order you will have the option to print your invoice. You can also return to our site and reprint an invoice at any time.

We will include a copy of your invoice or packing slip in the package with your order, unless you opt for a gift tag. When you opt to add a gift card the invoice is not included.

You will receive an order update with the tracking information on your order, and the order will update with the same information. But, you can also visit our order tracking page to check the delivery status on your order.

We are located in and ship from Middle Tennessee.


Yes, we have rebuilt our website and launched this new site at the end of October 2020.  Nothing else has changed. Our staff and products have all stayed the same.

Same people, same great products!

Coming in 2021 we hope to revamp this new site with our branded colors and add an option for you to do on-screen design, if you prefer to do that instead of filling in the blanks.

We do sell on different marketplaces, but if you are purchasing our products from another site please make sure that it is from us. Over the last few years we have found several unscrupulous sellers listing our products and trying to portray that they are us.

Though we are not always active on these sites, below are links to our third party marketplace accounts. By using these links you know you are purchasing from us directly, via the respective marketplace.

Printed Perfection Amazon Store     Printed Perfection Sears Store

Printed Perfection Zazzle Store     Printed Perfection Cafe Press Store

Printed Perfection Wayfair Store. Please note that we do not have control over pricing on this site.

Our old shopping cart does not play nice with other scripts, so when we migrated to our new shopping cart we were unable to move everyone’s accounts.  Unfortunately we have to ask everyone to create a new account on this new site.

If you already have a log in on our new site and cannot get logged in please use the password reset feature or submit a help ticket.

A wish list is a way of bookmarking certain products/designs for future reference. You can use it to save a product that you intend to purchase at a later date, or to share on social media.

Wishlist’s are not public, so others cannot see what you have on your wish list unless you share it with them.

Generally we do not send a proof before shipping orders. At times our designer might feel more comfortable sending a proof ahead of time, but we try to avoid that as it delays shipping time.

If you request a proof we will send one, but again, it will delay shipping. Orders that a proof is sent on will be held until the proof is approved.

We recommend not sending a proof unless it is absolutely necessary, especially if your order is time sensitive.


We accept all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Discover, as well as electronic checks and check by mail. We also accept Pay Pal, which accepts the same payment methods, but it is done through their payment processor.

If you are uncomfortable paying for your order online and do not want to mail a check, you can always call us with your payment information or use our encrypted ticked support portal.

Credit card transactions will appear as “Printed Perfect”

If you choose to mail a check, please mail it to:

Printed Perfection
614 Jones Creek Rd
Dickson, TN 37055

Yes!  We do have gift certificates that can be purchased in any denomination that you would like.

Our gift certificates can be mailed to you, or we can deliver a unique code via email.


The personalization options vary between the cartoon lines, because of the way they were initially designed and variations in the software for each.

All of our cartoons have skin tone options (light or dark), though only the StoryLine caricatures can have more than one skin tone per scene. The Friendly Folks and Name That Toon cartoons must have the same skin tone for all characters in the scene, with the exception of additional Friendly Folks child characters.

Friendly Folks has a child and adolescent character that can be added to its scenes. Name That Toon does not have any extra characters that can be added. And the StoryLine characters are interchangeable.

All cartoon lines can have text added, logos imported and pets added.

Absolutely!  Our custom cartoons (Friendly Folks, Name That Toon & StoryLine) are our primary product line, but we have other personalized gifts as well.

We offer personalized photo snow globes and gift items, as well as custom bobble heads, frosting sheets, meaning of a name items and basic scrapbook supplies (primarily scrapbook paper and adhesives). Throughout the year we will be getting these additional product lines online.

Yes! Our roots are tightly woven in the scrapbook industry, and we have always used acid free/lignin free inks and products.  Our gift items are keepsake quality, designed to last a lifetime.

More FAQ’s to Come

We will be updating our FAQ’s with the rest of our site thru the coming year. We hope to offer a complete knowledge base and get all of our products online soon, along with some exciting new features!