The not so juicy details

About Printed Perfection

Who wouldn't want to make gifts that people love and play with cartoons all day?

Printed Perfection is a small Christian company, specializing in the creation of personalized gift and keepsake products. We try to keep things low key, simple and down to earth, while delivering amazing products and renown customer service. You won’t find any fancy intercoms or phone systems here, but you may hear one of us holler from our office, in lieu of actually getting up and walking down that long 5′ hallway. We are blessed enough to have flexibility in the hours that we work, or usually have that flexibility. Being that we make gifts, naturally we work some pretty hefty hours in November and December, otherwise we make bankers jealous with our hours.

Our company is governed by one main policy which can be summed up by reading Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31. We do not have, nor do we offer, any bells or whistles, but we’d like to think that if we did they would deliver an outstanding melody that you would remember for years to come. Seriously, as we write this, we are thinking that maybe we should step it up a little bit. We’ll save that for 2021, because clearly 2020 has been a bust. 🙁

Established in 2002, we were originally known Scrapbook Supplies Direct. We primarily offered scrapbooking supplies and custom scrapbook design services in a brick-and-mortar store, (prior to this we were solely online selling via eBay). This worked out well until Hurricane Ike demolished the area. Fortunately, prior to the hurricane, we had added our Friendly Folks line, creating unique, personalized scrapbook pages and embellishments. They were a huge hit!

Long story short, when Hurricane Ike struck, we migrated back online and began to put more and more focus into our Friendly Folks, eventually discontinuing the entire scrapbook side. Shortly thereafter, Printed Perfection became an organization of its own as opposed to a division of Scrapbook Supplies Direct. We think it was the right call. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to play with cartoons every day? Incidentally, if you’re wondering, this is why you will find inexpensive scrapbooking basics on our site.

If you are looking for a “go to” source for unique and personalized gift items, look no further! We specialize in gift items focusing on Friendly Folks, Name That Toon and StoryLine character lines, as well bobble heads, frosting sheets, photo crystals and other keepsake quality gifts.


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