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Friendly Folks, Name That Toon
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Friendly Folks Cartoon Caricatures

Initially developed in the 1990’s, Friendly Folks cartoons were originally available only at mall kiosks and craft fairs, and the product line was limited to prints in a mat (for you to frame) or framed prints, depending on the vendor.  They were simple cartoons with lightly colored backgrounds featuring light skin toned cartoons. They have what is often referred to as “stick figure” hair.  The male character had little sticks or wisps of hair, while the female character had shoulder length “line drawn” hair. In the center of most scenes there was a large box with a place to put a person’s name.

As adorable as the original Friendly Folks cartoons were, they were further improved circa 2004.  Additional color was added to the backgrounds and more features became available. The cartoons were recolored to allow for the original light skin tone as well as a dark skin tone. The option of adding a hair style to the characters, and the inclusion of additional child characters and pets was also added. This is was the last formal update to the Friendly Folks software.

From this point we added supplementary features, specific to Printed Perfection, to offer even more personalization to the already endearing Friendly Folks cartoon line.  Through extensive and exhaustive efforts, we were able to include even more pets, offer eye glasses (both clear and sunglasses), and convert the same lovable Friendly Folks characters in round objects, such as Christmas ornaments and drink coasters.

Name That Toon

Some years later, KK Software developed their own version of the Friendly Folks character line, called “Name That Toon”, (this is the cartoon line that we refer to as “NTT”). For all intents and purposes, the Name That Toon line mirrored Friendly Folks with newer. modernized characters and backgrounds.

The Name That Toon cartoon line was active for a few years, but disappeared abruptly upon the artists death. Recognizing that we needed expand our caricature line, we purchased the NTT line. We began developing features for this cartoon line, just as we did with the Friendly Folks line.

Initially the Name That Toon character line was available in a light or dark skin tone with hair color options.  We added the option of adding pets and importing logos to the line, as well as offering the scenes in round formats.

StoryLine Cartoons

StoryLine cartoons have been designed to fill in features that are absent in the Friendly Folks and Name That Toon lines.

This in-house lines feature additional hair styles, as well as scene elements that can be edited on demand.  Skin tone colors can be mixed on the same scene, offering even more flexibility. Since our StoryLine character set is very new we will surely continue working to improve them even more.

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