Friendly Folks Personalization Options

Friendly Folks cartoons is the first character line that we started with.  They are whimsical, smiley faced characters gracing a simple background.  The main characters have very simple “smiley” faces adorned with sticks of hair.

Please note that this cartoon line does not allow us to remove characters in the scene.

Over the years different customization options have been developed to further personalize the Friendly Folks cartoon line.

Friendly Folks Cartoon Character Samples

Customizable Cartoons

Skin Tone Options

Friendly Folks skin tone options

Friendly Folks cartoon characters are available in either light skin tone or dark skin tone.  Skin tones cannot be mixed on the same scene.

Some scenes have slight variations in background coloring between the light and dark skin tones. This helps ensure that the character ‘pops’ from the background.

Friendly Folks Skin Tone Differences

Hair Style Options

Friendly Folks Hair Style & Color Options


Most* Friendly Folks cartoon characters can have a hair style added!

When available, hair color options include black, brown, blonde, red, grey and bald.

*We add a hair style to the Friendly Folks characters via a graphic overlay. Therefore, if the character has long hair, is wearing a hat or has something in front of their face, we cannot apply a hair style.  The graphic to the right shows how the character would look if we applied a hair style in those instances.

Friendly Folks Hair Style Restrictions
Friendly Folks Hair Style Restrictions

Glasses & Sunglasses Options

Friendly Folks Cartoon Customization - Glasses and Sunglasses Options


Similar to the addition of a hair style, most Friendly Folks cartoon characters can have clear eye glasses or sun glasses added!

Even though we add glasses in the same manner that we add a hair style, we are able to add glasses (of either style) to characters with long hair, as well as those wearing a hat. The only characters that we cannot add eye glasses to are those that have something in front of their face, (ie, the scuba diver, wood worker and similar).

Friendly Folks Eye Glasses

Extra Characters

Friendly Folks Extra Characters


We have four children clip art that can be added to your Friendly Folks cartoon scene.  These characters are depicted in the photo to the left. We have a young and adolescent girl, as well as a young and adolescent boy available.  These are the only characters, other than pets, currently available to be added to the Friendly Folks cartoon line.

Child clip art that is added to the scene can have light or dark skin tone, but they cannot have a hair style added.

Please make sure to include the child’s age so we know how to size the height of the character that you’re adding, if any.

We have gobs of dogs and cats that we can add too!

Provided that there is a place in the cartoon scene, (some scenes, such as the surfer, do not have any solid ground to place an animal), we can add domestic pets to your cartoon scene!

Our selection includes an array of dogs and cats that can be added to make your caricature complete!

When adding a pet please provide the corresponding clip art number(s) of the pets, or provide a description of the animal for us to match up to our available clip art.

Pets that can be added to your caricature

Character Clothing

Friendly Folks Couple

We are often asked if we can change the clothing that our characters are wearing.

Unfortunately, the Friendly Folks cartoon line does not currently offer the flexibility of changing the character’s clothing.

Custom Text & Logos

Customize with your own name and text

Aside from adding a hair style or glasses, the bulk of personalization for the Friendly Folks character line is TEXT.  We start with a picture devoid of text. There is literally no text on the picture when we begin personalizing your character.

We typically put your name, the year or some witty text in the center box (the middle box located in the center of most pictures). From this point, each scene varies. Many pictures have background elements, such as a bulletin board, chalkboard, golf cart or wall that we frequently add text to.

We try to include a blank picture with red boxes denoting the most common areas of personalization, but you are not limited to personalizing those areas.

We can place text anywhere on the scene.

We can also use nearly any font and font color, if you have a preference.

We have the capability of adding logos to our Friendly Folks as well.

We strongly recommend using a simple logo with a transparent background and very little text. If a logo has too much text it may be hard to read when it is sized down to fit on an office door or bulletin board, and if it has a background color (without a border) it may look as if it is floating.

If you would like to add your logo to a scene that you have ordered, please use our Logo Upload Page to send it to us.