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You don’t have to spend a lot of money or order weeks ahead to get that special person something personalized and unique. People love getting things with their name on it, but they utterly adore things that are tailor made for them. Our cartoon caricature gifts do just that, and they’re made with archival safe materials so they will last a lifetime!

This page is dedicated to our product information.

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Snow Globe

Our snow globes are made of scratch resistant acrylic. Dome-shaped, they measure approximately 3″ x 4-1/2″. The cartoon caricature inside the snow globe measures approximately 2″ x 2-7/8"; this about the size of a standard business card. They are factory sealed with sterile water and sparkling white snow, adorned with just a hint of glitter. The base is black. Being double sided, your personalized picture can be seen from both sides. Upon request, we can add your personalized caricature scene or picture to one side and a personal sentiment to the other.

All snow globes are shipped in a fitted gift box, ready to gift wrap upon receipt.

Please note that we cannot ship our snow globes during a hard freeze. They can tolerate freezing temperatures, but they cannot withstand long periods of freezing temperatures.


Snow Frame

Our snow frames are a hybrid snow globe. Available in two sizes, our double sided snow frames offer a rectangle shaped snow globe on the front and a frameless picture on the back side. Made of scratch resistant acrylic. Our primary/standard size snow frame measures 6" x 4", while our mini snow frame measures a smidgen bigger than a business card, approximately 3-5/8" x 2-3/8". The size is the only difference between the two.

Both sizes of our snow frames are factory sealed with sterile water and silver mirrored snow flakes amidst bits of sparkling white snow, and arrive in a fitted box ready for gifting.


Round Christmas Ornament

Our round Christmas ornaments bring back the simplicity of Christmas and are ready to adorn a Christmas tree or wreath or even a rearview mirror. They are made of crystal clear acrylic and feature a hole at the top to add a string, bow or ornament hook; we include a ribbon for your convenience. This ornament is relatively flat and measure approximately 3" in diameter. It is single sided unless requested otherwise. This ornament is also a great embellishment to add to a gift in lieu of a gift tag.

Please see our *Round Note*


Snow Flake Christmas Ornament

Our snow flake Christmas ornaments are a customer favorite for its bold look and endearing simplicity. Personalized to your specification, our snow flake Christmas ornament is relatively flat and made of acrylic. The center of the snow flake is crystal clear, whereas the flakes are frosted. It is single sided unless you request otherwise.

This ornament comes with a ribbon, although the hole at the top will allow for a string or ornament hook. It measures approximately 5-1/2" from tip-to-tip, with your personalized cartoon or picture measuring 3" in the center.

Please see our *Round Note*


LED Light up Snow Flake Christmas Ornament

Our LED light up snow flake is a fun Christmas ornament! It will add zest to your Christmas tree, wreath or gift, when used as a gift tag. The LED lights illuminate the snowflake and cycle through red, blue and green, creating a rainbow effect where the colors mix and generate a variety of hues and colors. After the colors cycle through a few times they flash, and then the cycle repeats itself. Ornament is powered by three AG13/LR44 button batteries, which are included, and comes with a silver sparkle ribbon attached. The AG13/LR44 batteries are a standard, long lasting watch battery that can be replaced if necessary, (October 2020 we priced these batteries at $0.34 each on Amazon).

The overall (circumference) measurement of the snowflake, from tip-to-tip, is approximately 4-5/16″, with the center cartoon scene measuring approximately 2-1/4″.

The ornament is very pretty whether it is lit or unlit. The flakes of the snowflake are made of crystal clear acrylic, featuring a beveled edge, which reflects light, whether it is lit or not.

Please see our *Round Note*


Globe Christmas Ornament

Our Globe Christmas ornament is very, very pretty! It is shaped like a standard bulb ornament, but made of clear acrylic with your personalized cartoon scene or picture inside. Personalized scene inside ornament measures approximately 2-7/8″ inside the ornament. Ornament comes with either a gold or silver top and a red ribbon attached. We fill orders using a random top color (gold or silver), but we can fill with the color of your choice if you have a preference. Please note your preference in the "notes" field, if any.

Please see our *Round Note*


Drink Coaster

Adorable and functional, our drink coasters are made of crystal clear acrylic, our drink coaster measures approximately 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ (edge to edge), with your 3″ personalized Friendly Folks scene housed in the center. Our coasters are scratch resistant and sport a cork backing, with raised drip-free edge.

Please see our *Round Note*


Memo Holder

Great for use on a desk or kitchen counter, our memo holder is made of durable black plastic, with your personalized cartoon caricature or picture under clear acrylic. The overall measurement is 5-1/2” x 7-1/2”, with your personalized artwork measuring approximately 4-1/2″ x 2-13/16″.

Memo holder comes with 100 sheets of standard 4" x 6" memo paper. Base is complete with non-skid rubber feet. Paper refills are available from our website or any office supply.

This is a very useful item any place that you may need to grab a piece of paper to jot down a number or shopping list.

Shipped in a fitted white box that is ready for gift wrapping.


Print with Mat

Available in two standard sizes, our print with a mat is ready to frame upon receipt. We will personalize your cartoon caricature, meaning of a name or other artwork and secure it in an archival safe mat alongside a backer board, so it’s ready to be framed upon arrival.

Our standard/full size print is matted in an 11" x 14" mat (picture measures 8" x 10"), while our smaller size is matted in an 8" x 10" mat, (picture measures 5" x 7"). Mat colors vary. Available colors are listed in the product description, though special colors can be ordered.

Please note that frames are sold by the outer measurement of the mat that it will accommodate, so you would shop for either an 11" x 14" frame or an 8" x 10" frame.


Standard Framed Print

Our standard framed print offers an 8" x 10" scene, inside an 11" x 14" mat. The overall measurement of the finished product is 12" x 15". Our frames are made of wood, manufactured in the USA. They are available with a black or natural finish. To reduce the overall product weight and resistance to shattering, we use Styrene in lieu of glass. Styrene is essentially a glass substitute that offers the same advantages as glass, without the disadvantages aforementioned. When you order a framed print you select the frame finish (black or natural) along with the mat color of your choice.

Our frames come with a hanger attached.


Color Block Frame

Our Color Block Frame series feature your personalized caricature scene or other artwork in a 5" x 7" easel backed frame. The width of our Color Block frames, available in black, red, blue or yellow measure 1", making a bold statement. Your artwork is safely set behind glass.


Jewelry Box

Made with Mahogany wood, our jewelry box is beautiful. Your caricature, measuring approximately 6" x 4", is protected beneath glass on top. Jewelry box has velveteen lining and silver feet. Top is hinged with a magnet closure.


Black Stitched Box

Our Black Stitched box measures approximately 4-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 1-1/2" of inner storage space – enough to hold small keepsake & jewelry items or up to 75 printed photos. The overall outer measurements are 5-1/2" x 6-1/2", with your personalized caricature, protected underneath thin acetate, measuring 6" x 4".

Covered with luxurious leatherlike material, adorned with beautiful white stitching. Comes in a fitted white gift box, ready for gift wrapping.


Savings Bank

Our bank is not only a fun place to save spare coins, it also duals as a frameless picture frame. It measures approximately 6" x 4" x 1", with the coin slot at the top left corner and an access port on the back. Personalized picture in the front hides the coins and camouflaging the fact that it is a bank. Made of scratch resistant acrylic, bank comes in a white gift box ready to gifting.



Whether you’re adorning a refrigerator or file cabinet, our magnet is a nice addition, it is fun and functional! In addition to the magnet back, it also has an easel back, so it can be used on a knick knack shelf or window sill. Frame is made of black plastic, and personalized cartoon scene is snapped in behind clear plastic. Magnet measures approximately 2-7/8" x 3".


Key Chain

Made of clear, scratch resistant plastic, our double sided key chain offers a simple design. Your personalized picture measures approximately 2" x 3", and metal key ring measures 3/4". Key chain can be used for your keys or for identification purposes on a backpack or luggage.


Download – eDelivery

Our download or eDelivery option puts our design at your fingertips, allowing you to let your creative juices flow! We will deliver your personalized cartoon scene directly to your inbox, for you to size, print or use online at will. Unless you request otherwise, we will send your scene in PDF format, but we are happy to provide it in another format if needed. We can also send it to you in a mirrored format, if you are wanting to use it for creating t-shirts or other some other transfer format, (this way it isn’t backward when you transfer it). Upon purchase you will own the rights to your scene, and are free to use it for personal projects. Commercial licensing is available. Great for scrapbooking, card making and other craft projects.



The artwork for our round items are cropped differently than our other products. In most cases some of the outer elements of the scene are cropped (removed) to create a nostalgic, looking glass feel.  For this reason, we ask that you either omit or largely limit text for the outlying areas.

When we create the artwork for your item we may need to move text requested for those areas, if the text falls in an area that is removed on our round items.

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Our gifts are made to order based on the personalization that you provide, and our products are designed for everyone, whether you are shopping for your boss, parent, child, co-worker, neighbor or local delivery person. We use archival safe products designed to last a lifetime, and we do it fast, with a maximum in-house time of 3 days, (usually 1-1/2 days).

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Year after year studies show that people love to see their name in print, that’s why personalized items are so popular.  We haven’t seen any studies with regard to a person’s name in print along with the job that they treasure, their beloved sport, favorite hobby or a special event in their life. We surmise that this would bring the stats over the top, and that’s without calculating the gift factor in!  Their name + Their Passion + Gift = Happy Recipient!


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