Available Friendly Folks Children

The Friendly Folks cartoon line celebrated its 25th anniversary not too long ago!  Hard to believe that these simple, yet utterly adorable, characters have been capturing hearts for that long!

Are they new to you?  If your answer is, “yes”, you’re not alone.  Many of our first time customers are not familiar with the line. They were created when home (and most business) internet was in its infancy. For that reason they were primarily sold at craft fairs and in mall kiosks. The cartoon caricature line was wildly popular for a few years and then kind of fizzled out. They regained their popularity when the scenes were revamped and dressed up with the options that you see today.

Somewhere along the way, in the early 2000’s, the Friendly Folks cartoon line had more color added and underwent some software modernization. This is when the dark skin tone and optional hair styles and extra characters were added.

Below are the child characters that can be added to our Friendly Folks scenes.

Due to software limitations, these are the only human characters that can be added to the Friendly Folks cartoon scenes. Though our clip art of children is limited, we do have lots of dogs and cats that can be added. It is also worthy to note that we cannot remove characters from any scene, they can only be added.

Friendly Folks Kids

Friendly Folks Kids
Adding children art to your Friendly Folks scene

We have 2 options for boys & girls…

We have child and adolescent artwork for both boys and girls. All can be sized to whatever size fits your family best.

We cannot alter the child art.

We cannot apply a hair style to the child characters, and like the adult Friendly Folks characters, we cannot change the clothing on the children. We can, however, add glasses to children.

We need an approximate age…

We need the child’s age so we can stretch and size each child to accommodate their respective age.

We are limited to this art only.

While you can add as many children as you would like, please know that we are limited to the characters shown here. For example, if you order three boys, two will have to be identical.

Common Questions about Adding Children to Your Friendly Folks scene

Does it matter which child art I choose?

No.  You can choose whichever artwork you prefer for your child(ren).  Each can be sized as short or as tall as you would like.

Why do you need to know the child's age?

We ask for the child’s age so we know how to size him or her.  We can adjust the artwork to represent different ages. We can also alter the width of the child to represent an extremely thin child. Though it is very much exaggerated, we have shown the child characters at different heights in the image below.

Friendly Folks child art variations

Can I change the childs hair and clothing?

No.  We cannot add a hair style or change the clothing on these characters.  We can add glasses (clear or sunglasses).

Can you add glasses to children?

Yes!  We can add clear or sunglasses to all child art.

Friendly Folks Children with Glasses Clipart

Do you charge for adding children?

No, never!  Adding children and pets is all included in the personalization that comes with your order.

What if I need more children than you have artwork for?

This gets kind of tricky.  Of course, you can choose a scene without children, thereby omitting them. Surely that isn’t the ideal choice, but you can order a scene with just a couple only.  The theory here is that it’s better to omit all of them rather than just one or two.  Or, choose a scene that already has some of the children that you need in it, and then add the remaining from our clip art selection.  Another remedy may be to omit the children, and in their place have us add hearts with their name(s) in it. Please note that on smaller items, such as snow globes, key chains and Christmas ornaments, we can only fit initials in the hearts, should you decide to go that route.

Friendly Folks Hearts

Can the skin tones be mixed on the child art?

Since the child art is added to the scene, the children can have different skin tones (light or dark). This is only applicable to the child art. The main characters in the scene must have the same skin tone color; only the added characters can be different. This applies to our Friendly Folks and Name That Toon cartoon line. Our StoryLine cartoons can have mixed skin tone colors.

Can you add a baseball cap to the children?

No.  We cannot add hats or caps.  Also, we cannot remove the ribbon bow from the little girl.

The child clip art will look exactly as you see it in the images.  We cannot alter their hair style, add caps, change their clothing or change their position.

Can you change the position that the child is in?

No.  We cannot change the position in which the child is in.

Are there scenes that children cannot be added to?

Yes, we actually have several scenes that children cannot (rather, should not) be added to.  Please remember that the Friendly Folks line was originally hand drawn, and then imported into software. This drastically reduces the flexibility that we have with them.

In theory we can add child and pet clip art to any of our scenes, but should we?  For example, our wedding scene, adding a teenage boy wearing blue jeans with his arms crossed is going to drastically change the overall sentiment of the scene. Another example would be the boating scenes. Since we cannot alter the clip art, we cannot make the child look like they’re in the boat. This means that the child would have to be positioned on the water (not in the water, ON it), or we would have to put him/her on the bow of the boat. It just would not look right. If you really, really want it we will do it, but we definitely advise against it.

Why is the option to add children hidden on some scenes?

Like mentioned in the FAQ above, some of the Friendly Folks scenes are not conducive for adding children and pets. While entering the scenes on site we tried to omit that field for those scenes. Surely we missed some, and likewise we may have omitted that field on some that had places for them. If you come across a scene that does not have a specific box to enter the child(ren)’s information, but there is indeed a place for a child (or pet), please enter the information in the “notes for designer” field.

Will adding children to the scene cause a delay in my order?

No.  So long as we have the needed information, adding children to your scene will not cause any delays.

How do I enter the information to add child art to my scene?

When you select to add child art a text box will appear – include the information here. Please specify the art that you would like, a little boy/girl or big boy/girl. Also include the child’s age or other information to let us know how to size the child. For example, you can write “big boy, shoulder height to mom” or something similar, if you’d like.

All of the information that you enter is read by our designer and viewed as instruction, so please feel free to make whatever notes you would like here.

Add all child information here, regardless of the number of children you are adding to the scene.

Now I am confused! How can I get help?

Fear not!  We do this everyday, and we’ve got it covered!

You can call the designer directly or email us via our ticketed help desk. If you place a help ticket after you place your order you will be able to connect your order to your help ticket.

For peace of mind….  Please remember that you can make whatever notes you deem helpful in the text box where you enter the information for the child art that you want added. If our designer has questions we will reach out to you, and you can always request a proof.