We didn't want this page, but here we are....

We promise to do our best fulfilling your order


To be fair, errors happen, we will do our best to mitigate an errors that happen in the course of fulfilling your order.

We try to copy and paste your inputs when we create your artwork, but on occasion we do need to manually retype your inputs, or could misunderstand your entries. If we make an error, we will fix it for you. Likewise, we understand that you may also make a typo when adding your personalization. We will fix this too.

We will automatically correct any obvious typos that we see. If your personalization intentionally includes a typo please mention this in the “additional information – notes for the designer” field.


We are proud to say that we have a breakage in transit rate that is less than 1%. Of course, this doesn’t mean a lot when your item arrives broken. If this happens to you we apologize. We ship using methods that have worked well for us, but that occasional damaged item does pop up. Please do not panic if this happens to you.

If your order is broken in transit just call or email us, and we will take it from there. We keep your artwork on file, so we can reprocess your order and fix the problem in a jiffy.  Please do not discard the item until you hear from us, because there are times that the carrier will need a photo.


Please accept our apologies for being forced to read all of this.