Frame Sizes & Measurements

Frame Measurements & Colors
Selecting the Perfect Frame Size for your Personalized Cartoon

Frame size refers to mat size

Frames come in a variety of sizes. When shopping for a frame always look for a frame that accepts the measurement of your mat (colored cardboard border that separates your picture from the frame).

Our frames are available in black or natural

We typically offer black or natural colored wooden frames in both sizes. Additional colors can be ordered.

Two sizes available

Our standard size frame is approximately 12″ x 15″, which will fit an 11″ x 14″ mat.  Our half size frame measures approximately 9″ x 11″, which fits an 8″ x 10″ mat.

Full size frame has hanger, small size has an easel back

Our full size frame comes with a wall hanger. The smaller size comes with an easel back; hanging hardware is available upon request.

Frame Sizing & Measurements

Selecting a frame size is an area of confusion for many people. Below we have outlined some basics to help make the process a little easier.

If you buy a framed print from Printed Perfection, you will have the option of our standard/full size or small size frame. Our frames are made in the USA of wood, available in either black or natural. The full size frame comes with a hanger (hardware to hang the picture on the wall), and the smaller size comes with an easel back, which is built in stand.

Our frame sizes are as follows….

  • Standard/full size: Outer measurements of frame are approximately 12″ x 15″. The picture is approximately 8″ x 10″, inside a mat that measures 11″ x 14″ on the outer edges. This frame comes with a hanger.
  • Small size: Outer measurements of frame are approximately 9″ x 11″. The picture is approximately 5″ x 7″, inside a mat that measures 8″ x 10″ on the outer edges. This frame comes with an easel back.

Both sizes of our frames are wooden, available in a black or natural finish. Additional frame colors are available upon request.

Our mats are typically available in black, grey, dark red, dark blue, light blue, green, brown cream and white. Additional mat colors are often available.

Deciding what size frame to purchase
for your print in a mat

When you purchase your printed scene, ready to frame from us it will be one of two sizes.

  • Our standard/full size print in a mat measures 11″ x 14″ on the outer edge of the mat.  This is the size frame you shop for.

  • Our small size print with a mat measures 8″ x 10″ on the outer edge of the mat. This is the size frame that you shop for.


Frames vary considerably due to their construction and design, for this reason, frames are sold by the size mat it fits. So, anytime you are shopping for a frame you always shop using the outer measurement of the mat.

frame, mat, picture measurements

Frames are made from different materials and vary considerably in size because of their construction. Therefore, frame size is irrelevant. Frames are sold by the outer size of the mat.


The mat is the colored cardboard/paper that separates the picture from the frame. The outer dimension of the mat is what you measure before shopping for a frame.


The picture is always the same size or slightly smaller than the inner dimension of the mat that it is secured in.


Hanging hardware refers to a small (usually) metal that is affixed to the back of the frame. An easel back is a hinged part of the back of the frame that stands the picture up for display on a shelf or table.